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How To Get To Huangshan

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How to Get to Huangshan from Hangzhou

At present, bus is the only means of transportation between Hangzhou and Huangshan City where Mt. Huangshan is located. Luckily, there are hourly buses from Hangzhou to Huangshan or vice versa, from 06:50 am to 18:20 pm. You can book the ticket via the Hangzho hotel you'll stay, or just purchase at Huangzhou West Bus Station located on No. 355 Tianmu Shan Road. One issue you should keep in your mind when purchasing your ticket is that Huangshan City and Huangshan Scenic Area are two different locations an hour apart, and there are buses headed to both places. The buses that go three and a half hours directly to the Huangshan scenic area will drop you off in a village at the foot of the mountain called Tangkou.

It is 250 km between Hangzhou and Tunxi (downtown of Huangshan City), a 2-hour-forty-minute drive on the way, and the busfare is RMB85. Apart from the buses listed on the timetable below, another 5 buses departing Hangzhou at 08:00, 09:50, 10:50, 14:10 and 15:10 terminate at Tangkou, without passing or stopping at Tunxi since the buses drive a different way. Those who will stay in Tunxi for the night should avoid taking those buses. Enquiry of Hangzhou West Bus Station: +86 571-85222237.

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Buses from Huangzhou West Bus Station to Huangshan
Bus No. From To Departure Distance (km) Full Price (RMB) Half Price (For children) Major Stops
4000 Hangzhou Tunxi 06:50 230 85 42.5 Dafu, Shexian, Yansi
4001 Hangzhou Tunxi 07:50 230 85 42.5 Dafu, Shexian, Yansi
4003 Hangzhou Tunxi 08:40 230 85 42.5 Dafu, Shexian, Yansi
4004 Hangzhou Tunxi 09:40 230 85 42.5 Dafu, Shexian, Yansi
4016 Hangzhou Tunxi 10:20 230 85 42.5 Dafu, Shexian, Yansi
4005 Hangzhou Tunxi 11:20 230 85 42.5 Dafu, Shexian, Yansi
4019 Hangzhou Tunxi 11:50 230 76 38 Dafu, Shexian, Yansi
4006 Hangzhou Tunxi 12:20 230 85 42.5 Dafu, Shexian, Yansi
4007 Hangzhou Tunxi 13:30 230 85 42.5 Dafu, Shexian, Yansi
4008 Hangzhou Tunxi 14:30 230 85 42.5 Dafu, Shexian, Yansi
4009 Hangzhou Tunxi 15:40 230 85 42.5 Dafu, Shexian, Yansi
4018 Hangzhou Tunxi 17:00 230 85 42.5 Dafu, Shexian, Yansi
4010 Hangzhou Tunxi 18:20 230 85 42.5 Dafu, Shexian, Yansi

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